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The main features are listed below; details of specific functionality will be shown on the feature page, configuration options are covered in the tutorial pages and supporting videos

Twitch ChatBot

Send messages in Twitch channels chat using your user account and with a secondary account as your own personal bot


Create and customise panels (or 'StreamDesks') with bespoke controls to manage various aspects of the stream or channel chat content, and use other included tools to manage users and store chat log archives

Run customised actions for specific events, create custom actions including:
  • Sending Twitch chat messages from Broadcaster or Bot accounts
  • Playing sound alerts (mp3/wav)
  • Interact with other StreamDesk controls
StreamDesk Tutorial

Chat Commands

Add chat commands with multiple configuration options

On Screen Controls

Labels and Lists
Image Sources

Channel Point Redemption

Subs, Resubs & Gift Subs

Raid Notifications

Bit Notifications

Sound Alerts


Timed/Scheduled Events

OBS Collections Backup & Restore