FozzyBot Apps

The application features are primarily focused for Twitch streamers and their moderators to help manage the chat content and provide user moderation tools, the features have been added during the 12 months of development and has undergone testing with a variety of content creators, several refinements and updates have been added and improved from user feedback


If you want to see the application in use you can visit the TheFozzyBot Twitch channel, these broadcasts are used for demos of updates & new features, tutorial sessions and frequent live BunnyCam streams for pre-release development testing for new components

For notifications when the channel is live please click the 'Follow' button on the channel page


Tutorials and demonstration videos will soon be available on the YouTube page, where relevant these will also embedded in the tutorial pages


There is a Discord available to users who have registered for a user licence, this is currently limited to selected testing users until the final testing phase is completed